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SIA Beetroot Lab
v1.0.1 对于Android
3月 23, 2020

Dystopia: Modern Empires – Android strategy where you have to master the base and develop it as much as possible. The game is based on Clash of Clans, where we can meet players from around the world and enjoy a great player campaign. Build and repair buildings at your base. With these buildings, you're ready to defend yourself against other players' attacks. After strengthening your own base, you should use a competitive attack to continue your own upgrades. Our units automatically attack enemies as well as soldiers and buildings. If we manage to destroy the base before the time is up, we get three stars and the maximum possible reward. The heroes of the game can be equipped with various weapons and equipment that should be used in combat. Dystopia: Modern Empire is a mobile strategy game that gives players the best gaming experience by combining Clash of Clans and other similar projects. One of the main features of the game is the colorful and well-designed dystopian future, which holds up well against the backdrop of other similar games.

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Android 5.0+
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您是否正在寻找适合Android的精彩 Strategy 应用。 Dystopia: Modern Empires Apk APK 是由 SIA Beetroot Lab 开发的最好的免费智能手机应用之一。 它列在app store的 Strategy 类别中。

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我们在 3月 23, 2020 上提供免费 Dystopia: Modern Empires Apk APK v1.0.1 的最新更新版本。 它在 Google Play 商店下载超过1000万。 您可以更新在Android设备上单独下载或安装的应用。 通过更新应用程序,您可以访问最新功能并提高应用程序的安全性和稳定性。