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2月 03, 2019

Modified Mi Home by Vevs — It's just a Xiaomi smart home similar application with updating actions, terms and conditions and more precise translation.


  • Added translations of action/status, some terms of cards (gather information for multiple devices!) And Alex Kvazis. Some translation editing and interface layouts;
  • More information Improved translation work cloud with English localization; Plugins (reported by the absence of a need for sugar use, some of them by default) is also available through the use of the English language. The difference from the platform version is that I do not have the effect (English and Russian localization will be visually alike), so that is in both languages.
  • UPD: More and more plug-ins are translated by manufacturers (though most of you will not see it without tears), this plug-in should only be used now to see updates from English localization (14/01/18) - where the default language is Chinese. It is as follows. Usually, the plug is the choice - the location system and the gift list  will try to use  in particular "- English usage will be forced (because it is not difficult to guess, Russia does not have them anymore);
  • Next went a couple (details in the article) on a memory card to translate various string information (to collect and token / action terms/ability information);
  • Plug-in storage space with someone to manually grant root privileges. The fact that they are the root of the external drive represented on the forum, but not the default application folder on the external drive, does not mean /sdcard/Android/data/com.xiaomi.smarthome/various solutions to the files.  This place The connector (to the right I think) removes this and automatically folders with the application through the system;
  • The ability to deactivate the script itself is done. I also think that the manufacturer, too, with cyclic curves for fatigue treatment and just to stop though, was a bit changed), use this tactic wisely and carefully.
  • Nose drops its position from China to our latitude and climate change;
  • Disabled Chinese interface elements (see recommended memory, noise control, products, etc.), if applicable rather than the selected area of ​​the China mainland. For a while, the investigation was not injured or basic functionality, but said the check needed to be "A" fighting. I look forward to the results of the comments, it is all necessary to do so;
  • Disabled voice control buttons and settings news banner;
  • Front screen advertising and push notifications;
  • The new authorization page opens by default on the Phone Number disabled micro-normal approval account;
  • Added and on-sure status color separation cloud: the status cloud name (with the exception of child tools) is displayed in dark blue;
  • Network properties have been added, the token is displayed on the device, and its properties include the operation of the script identifier (us_id). The device can use the long tap on the clipboard to copy the token, script ID and user ID.

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