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0.12.5 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 16, 2023

Waven APK - Make your own way in life! Choose a character, equip them with your best skills, and sail from island to island to gain fame and money. In this free-to-play, cross-platform, multiplayer tactical RPG, you can level up and improve your strategy. The art style is unique and lively.

Set sail for a world like no other

Only a few islands have made it through the rising water of a world that has been flooded, and you are an explorer looking for ways to fix this terrible problem. A long time ago, this world was run by gods and dragons.

Even now, the magic is still there, but what about the mythical creatures of the past?

Join in fierce tactical battles

Master the elements, cast strong spells, and call on mythical allies to help you. Each of these things has its own way of working. You can fight your enemies up close or from afar in mythical, fast-paced, turn-based tactical battles as a single player, a pair, or a group of three, and win all sorts of gifts.

You can improve and change your character

Sail through an RPG to get to faraway places. You can finish epic quests by going into the caves of scary monsters and fighting them. Collect valuable items to gain power, level up your hero, and improve your plan as you go.

Each fight will be harder than the last, so use all your skills

Your personality, your plan

You can choose your Class, your attack element, and your spells from a list of 300. You can also choose your weapons and the allies who will fight with you.

Because there are so many different ways to play, no two adventurers will ever be the same. Choose your friends carefully if you want to beat the creatures' tricks, and watch out for your enemies if you want to stop what they're planning.

Play like a pro

You can only get spells, gear, and allies by getting achievements in the game, and you'll get rewards often.

Use the different items and skins you can unlock to show off your epic and unique style.

Each game's outcome depends only on how good each person is.

Come play with people from all over the world

Bring your friends and meet the other players! Join groups whose sense of teamwork and unity will help you get to the top. WAVEN breaks the rules of tactical RPGs by working on both mobile and PC platforms. This means that all players, no matter how they play, can join here.