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Waifu2x APK - Image Resizer for Android Free Download

App By:
Septi Corp
3.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
May 27, 2023

With Waifu2x APK, you can scale and reduce images in various styles, including anime-style art and photos. With the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network as an inspiration, this innovative tool is able to perform efficient computations thanks to the use of Nvidia CUDA. Users can enhance their images, uncover hidden details, and enhance the visual quality of their artwork with Waifu2x's alternative OpenCL and Vulkan implementations.

Waifu2x APK - Image Resizer has the following features:

Image Scaling: 

The Waifu2x upscaling engine excels at increasing the quality of images at low resolution without sacrificing the resolution. It improves the visual clarity and resolution of images by using advanced algorithms and neural network technology.

Reduction of noise: 

A clean, refined image is produced by reducing noise and artifacts in images, enhancing overall clarity, and improving overall clarity. A cleaner and more appealing visual representation is achieved with Waifu2x by eliminating unwanted digital noise and compression artifacts.

Art Optimization for Anime: 

This application has been designed especially for the enhancement of anime-style art with Waifu2x APK - Image Resizer. Despite the upscaled images being higher resolution and clearer, they retain their original aesthetic appeal which ensures the upscaled images retain their original aesthetic appeal.

Implementations on multiple platforms: 

This APK uses CUDA technology, which provides faster processing times, making Waifu2x APK more efficient than other apps. A variety of alternative OpenCL and Vulkan implementations have however been developed, giving users a wider range of choices based on their hardware specifications.

How to Use the app

  • Install the Waifu2x APK on your device from the given download link.
  • Select the image you want to enhance and launch the application.
  • To reduce noise and scale images, select the desired settings. Achieve the desired degree of enhancement by adjusting parameters.

  • Using Waifu2x's neural network technology and powerful algorithms, upscale the image and reduce noise.
  • Save or share the enhanced image directly once the process is complete.


Waifu2x APK is an impressive application that allows users to create anime-style art and enhance photographs. By scaling and reducing noise, it enhances image quality, improves resolution, and uncovers hidden details. With this app, you can upscale your artwork or enhance your favorite images to achieve stunning results, regardless of whether you're an artist or an enthusiast. Today, Waifu2x APK will transform your anime-style artwork with advanced image scaling and noise reduction technology.