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Updated On:
May 23, 2023

Summertime Saga APK - In the hot visual novel Summertime Saga, enroll as a student. When your protagonist's father passes away, the narrative starts. Naturally, this implies that you and your family are now responsible for paying off his Mafia obligation.

Since the plot of Summertime Saga is not strictly linear, you are free to visit any location in the city whenever you like and engage with any characters you come across. But bear in mind that each day is limited to three events. You then have to go to bed and begin a fresh day.

As you take part in various events, you can gradually level up your protagonist's abilities. Improve your physical attractiveness by going to the gym, for instance, or your charisma by participating in rap fights.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Summertime Saga is that many of the characters can become romantically involved with you, just like in other visual novels. As you get to know the characters better, you'll learn more and more fascinating information about their pasts.

Experience a journey with Summertime Saga. The tale is interesting (and occasionally risqué), there are tons of subplots, and the graphics are excellent.


In Summertime Saga APK, you must endure the difficult life of a destitute, worn-out, and despised child. Aid him in resolving his problems so he can lead a happier life.

The primary gameplay is narrative-driven, therefore it's assumed that the player will start out as the main character and live a day in his shoes. The main character in the game, you, loses his father at the beginning of the story. This occurs while the hero is still a student and later assumes responsibility for his father's mafia debt.

There will be different circumstances in a different environment every day. As a player, assist him in making choices to enhance his general quality of life. With each passing day, you just have to complete three major tasks before going to bed and waking up the next morning.

Features of the Summertime Saga Apk:

18+ Game

If you want to play as the game's main character, for instance, you must be at least 18 years old. Due to the fact that you will be controlling a young kid in his late teens, there will be some adult content in the game. So, it's not appropriate for children under 18.

Storyline is interesting

The game features an intriguing plot in which you, an adolescent child, must contend with a cruel stepmother Debbie and a step-sister Jenny following the passing of your father. The murderers of your father must also be dealt with, and the money owed to them must be paid.

Calm Gameplay

Although the game features a mafia-themed premise, fighting is not necessarily a key component. There are up to 65 characters in the town who have real-life experiences in this visual novel adventure. Consequently, it doesn't have a gangster theme. Instead, the gameplay is quite laid-back and straightforward. You only need to complete a few chores and events to earn money prizes to pay the debt.

Modes of Play

The game's two standout modes, clean mode and cheat mode are highlighted.

Clean Mode - For "clean," the player must complete the entire narrative. Everything the character encounters on a daily basis is included in this.

Cheat Mode: In this MOD version, the player has unlimited money and the freedom to pick and choose which tasks to complete.

Genuine Graphics

Summertime Saga has the appearance of an animated film because to the excellent graphics. The use of rich colors for the regional locations and smoothly created, appealing characters enhance the attraction of the gameplay. You won't believe you're playing a game if the environment and people are realistic.

Dating Method

In order to locate a date for the high school prom, the player in this game must date various girls. To locate the ideal date, you will have to pick from more than 50 different young women.

Classic graphics adventure for adults

In any case, the Patreon-funded game Summertime Saga aspires to revive vintage adult-oriented graphic adventures. It may be downloaded in APK format for Android, Windows, and Mac computers.

With illustrations that resemble Japanese manga but have been adapted for a Western audience, this is a tale in which the protagonist must deal with his father's murder while maintaining a normal life at school. Although he's not precisely average, he does surround himself with naked women whose curves defy the laws of physics. Due to a few conditions that necessitate an age rating of 18 or greater, it is meant for adults only.

Brief Review

The new game Summertime Saga features fantastic gameplay. Everything starts when a young boy is made liable for his father's mafia creditors' debt. Sadly, they murdered his father, and now the young child must unravel the riddles surrounding his death.

In order to complete their daily responsibilities in the game, players must engage with various people and move about an interactive map. To begin your new life, you must live alone, produce resources to meet your requirements and forge new relationships.

You must successfully complete all missions on time in order to access new areas and material. Explore the game's many fascinating features at your leisure. The game is designed with incredible graphics and truly resembles an animated film.