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StickEarn Indonesia
5.8.6 for Android
Updated On:
May 26, 2023

StickEarn APK converts vehicles into a mobile billboard that allows drivers to monetize their vehicles. Through StickEarn, drivers can turn their cars into mobile billboards for several brands and advertisers, earning extra income. A StickEarn Driver Partner is one who has access to StickEarn's key features, how to use it, and receives the benefits of using it.

Drivers can transform their cars into advertising platforms with StickEarn, an innovative mobile application that connects them to advertisers. Drive your regular route and earn money by participating in ad campaigns through StickEarn. In order to promote their products and services, car wraps provide drivers with a seamless platform for collaborating with brands and advertisers.

Features of StickEarn APK:

Registration of drivers: 

Creating an account within the StickEarn app is necessary to begin earning with the app. Personal and vehicle information is requested as part of this straightforward and simple process.

Choosing an advertisement: 

The app allows drivers to browse a variety of ads or brands once they've registered. Drivers can choose from a variety of campaigns available through StickEarn, allowing them to customize the ads to match their interests and preferences.

Process for approving: 

The driver submits his or her choice for approval after selecting the desired ads. The ads chosen by StickEarn are compatible with the vehicle of the driver after they are reviewed by StickEarn.

Getting a car wrapped: 

After an approved advertisement has been selected, StickEarn arranges for it to be wrapped on the driver's vehicle. We install high-quality wraps professionally to maintain their visual appeal and durability.

Amount of potential income: 

Drive for extra income with StickEarn while going about your daily routine. According to the distance traveled and the duration of the advertising campaign, they accumulate earnings by driving their wrapped cars.

How to Use StickEarn APK:

Downloaded app from here: 

For more information and to download StickEarn APK, go to the given link.

Please register here: 

Provide the required information when you register the app on your mobile device.

Choose an ad: 

Select the ads you are most interested in from the available ones. You should take into account your preferences as well as the relevance of the ads to your daily routine and the potential for earning.

Approval Request: 

You must submit your choices for StickEarn's approval after you have selected your desired ads. Check the compatibility of the selected ads with your vehicle before moving forward.

Your Car Can Be Wrapped: 

You will be notified through StickEarn that your car will be wrapped with the chosen advertisements once you approve it. Professional installers will then schedule a time and place for the job to be done.

Become an earner: 

You will be paid based on the duration and distance traveled by the ad campaign as you drive your wrapped car along your normal routes.


It provides a seamless platform for drivers and advertisers to collaborate, revolutionizing the way drivers can monetize their cars. While driving around, drivers can earn additional income by wrapping their cars with advertisements. Users who want to maximize their vehicle's potential should consider StickEarn since it offers a user-friendly interface, a big selection of ads, and a reliable payment system. Make your car a mobile billboard with StickEarn and drive both your earnings and passengers forward.