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1.0.0 for Android
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Dec 02, 2022

Rush E Piano tiles APK - APK version of Rush E Piano Tiles by HafidaDev is available for download. Play your favorite musical notes randomly or in a particular sequence on the piano.

You can play Rush E songs with this application without any hassle, unlike other piano games. The notes range from low to high, and you must tap on the tiles at the right time to play them.

It is not just about tapping on the piano tiles randomly in Rush E Piano Tiles APK. To play it correctly, you must pay close attention to its overall composition.

Both beginners and pros will enjoy this app since it has different difficulty levels. Each time you play this game, you can try to beat your high score.


Music lovers must have heard Rush E's song. Its nuances and technicalities make it one of the most popular and iconic songs.

In spite of this, when its fans attempted to play it on the piano, it gained intense interest and became popular. There are a lot of notes to press in this song, so it's not easy to play. Rush E songs are believed to be impossible to play accurately.

Due to the Rush E piano's popularity and challenge, there have been numerous applications developed for it. Rush E songs are challenged to be played accurately by users. In many of them, users can play this classic song more easily thanks to unique tweaks and features.

Among the applications available to help this course is Rush E Piano Tiles APK. You can now play this song without any glitches since it has been updated and improved.

Despite these improvements, Rush E Piano Tiles APK is not easy to play. Tap on the right piano tiles at the right time requires a keen eye and good hand-eye coordination.

It is fortunate that the game is highly rewarding. Depending on how closely you play the original Rush E song, you will earn rewards. By unlocking new notes with these treasures & diamonds, you'll have a better chance of playing Rush E songs correctly.


The unique style of piano tiles games makes them popular. Among the best piano tile games, Rush E Piano Tiles APK has updated and quality notes that are suitable for any level of player.

A free fall of black & white tiles occurs from the top of your screen. Every time the black ones fall, you need to tap them. Keep your rhythm by avoiding the white ones.

The sailor tile produces a specific note whenever you tap it. Notes become higher as more tiles are tapped in a sequence. In most cases, you will get 100% accuracy if you tap all black tiles.

The gameplay can be extremely fast, however! Playing it requires agility and accuracy since even a single missed tap can lead to a loss of rhythm.

In some cases, you may need to hold down the screen for a few seconds before you can select a tile. Since it requires good hand-eye coordination and stamina, it is much harder than simply tapping on tiles.

Overall, this game tests your musical ability. Is Rush E Piano Tiles APK up to the challenge? Try your hand at composing this iconic song with the app.

What's new in rush e 2023?

  • There are more than 10 notes that don't appear in Don't Tap The White Tile.
  • Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Moon are some of the marine characters in this new graphical interface.
  • When you use the application online, the application will choose the color of the tiles for you.
  • This version of piano tiles does not follow the rule (Don't touch... 2).
  • Other rushes like sailor have new tiles you can unlock...