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May 31, 2023

Rage of Demon King APK - In the long-ago Heian time, a sick young man is struggling to stay alive.

Then he turned into a demon.

Even though he could live forever and couldn't be hurt, he had to hunt other people and couldn't stand up in the sun.

So he could get rid of his one weakness, he used the blood curse to make a lot of strong demons.

It's time for the bad night.

People who are good and brave sometimes learn how to breathe properly and join the Ubuyashiki clan to form a Demon Slayer Squad and fight the bad spirits.

Will this help save the world?

To make sure it doesn't kill anyone else and to comfort the spirits of those it has killed, I will swing my sword down and cut off the head of any demon without pity.

Recreate a beauty, and we'll go out together and hunt demons

Relive all of Demon Slayers' most exciting and emotional moments. We'll help you make new friends and break the blood curse so you can write your own tale.

Quite a few heroes

All the well-known figures are here, so get them all and set up your team so that they all have different skills. Take charge of your team and win!

Multiple improvements, tactics gameplay

Upgrade your heroes' levels and promote them to improve their skills and how well they fight. Use different setups to face tough fights and beat your enemy with strategic gameplay.

Quick improvement, idle game

No more hard work on the farm! Say hello to the relaxing idle game. All you need is one tap! Simple to use.

Dozens of ways to play

Ore Mine War, Pillar Trials, Secret Books, and so on. There are more different game settings for you to discover. It's time to find out more about this unique world of Demon Slayer!


Immense Power

Demon kings are usually pictured as beings with magical powers who are very strong. They usually have a lot of physical strength and magic power, and they can cause a lot of damage.

Shadow Magic

Demon kings are often masters of dark and illegal magic. They can control dark energies and use them to cast powerful spells, curses, and call demons to work for them.


Many devil kings live forever or live for a very long time. They can survive attacks that would kill most people, and the only way to beat them is to use certain methods or to bring in powerful forces.


Demon kings can often change their shape whenever they want to. They can change into scary monsters or make themselves look like normal people to trick and control others.

Demons in Your Hands

Demon kings are in charge of demons or dark forces. They have power over smaller demons and can tell them to do what they want. They might be able to call up and control a huge number of demons.

Misuse of power and Temptation

Demon kings are good at influencing people and getting them to do what they don't want to do. They can take advantage of weaknesses and offer power, money, or other rewards in exchange for service or loyalty.

Fear's Presence

Demon kings often give off a feeling of fear and power. Just being near them is enough to make people scared and weaken the determination of their enemies.


Some demon kings can heal quickly or heal wounds that they have already received. This makes them hard to beat in battle and makes them stronger overall.

Influence Sphere

Demon kings may have their own realm or domain, which is usually a dark and twisted place where they rule and direct the demons who work for them.

Planned and Manipulated

Demon kings are often shown to be smart and clever, using tricks, lies, and long-term planning to get what they want. They might try to make their enemies fight each other or take advantage of the flaws of others.