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Garena International III
1.2.358960 for Android
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Sep 15, 2022

Primitive Era APK - A larger world map makes the gameplay more interesting. A map with different spots pointing to the main locations is provided. The players can easily collect more resources without any difficulty.

Despite the fact that the new location is considered suitable for survivability. In addition to the main clan, there are other clans present that can provide a challenging experience. Enjoy the new Battle Game with friends if you are willing to play. If you want to play games for free, download the app.

It is necessary to explore those that are hidden. By cutting those trees, the girl appears more confident about exploring the forest. A group of people watches an old person cutting. These were her ancestors.

Large-scale volcanic eruptions destroyed the caves where the early humans lived during the Paleolithic period.

After leaving their original home, the primitive survivors trekked far to reach this continent of hope, where they will build an ancient village from nothing and gradually develop it into a highly civilized community!

The new strategy game Primitive Era puts you in charge of a newborn village as the Chief! Ascend the throne in prehistoric times with Meyer, your assistant girl, and other villagers!

What is Primitive Era Apk?

Using Primitive Era Android, you can play online action-based strategy games. This great opportunity was offered by game lovers. By showing constructive ideas inside a new environment where random challenges do exist, pro-playing skills will be reflected.

Due to volcanic activity, humans were forced to leave their homeland. From this base, civilization will be able to grow. Though it was never considered easy leaving behind the homeland.

However, there is no other option than to find new locations. This new land seems more suitable for starting a new clan after a long exploration. A tree is already being cut down by their uncle as he explores the new land. Dense and populated trees are found here.

There are different treasures and resources hidden among those trees. Trees must be cut and resources must be found quickly by the players. This new land seems uninhabitable without those resources.

These multiple resources may be needed for the survival and construction of new buildings. Stone, Water, Food, and Wood are among those resources. There is direct access to all the resources mentioned on the map.


Discover a continent from the past

On the other side of the forests, you will discover new worlds! Travel freely across the vast land.

Tame prehistoric animals

The early creatures were hunted and tamed. You can use these beasts to your advantage in your conquest of the world.

Recruit powerful heroes

Heroes with unique skills can boost your Village's growth speed and lead your warriors to victory!

Personalize your Village

Make your tribe unique and unrivaled. Your legendary stories begin here!

Pick a Custom that matches

The customs of your village will deliver a different gaming experience and require you to change your strategy!

Choose a Custom that matches your needs

You will have to change your strategy because of the customs of your village!