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Sep 21, 2022

My Bakery Empire APK - During the golden age of baking, there was a wannabe baker whose dream came true! Enjoy this mouth-watering cake bakery story and help Lizzie realize her dream of opening her own sweet bakery someday. Finally, that day has arrived! A few days after graduating college, she's eager to start baking some delicious cupcakes. However, she needs your help! Become a true baking pro who's famous for beautiful, tasty delights by opening up a lot of yummy bakeries and baking with Lizzie!

Take specific orders from Lizzie's demanding customers and open up world-renowned bakeries! Bake mouth-watering desserts like cupcakes, smoothies, donuts, and cakes! Become Lizzie's most talented pastry chef with your help! Play this delicious bakery game and you'll love it!

You might get hungry after playing this bakery story game.


  • This fun cake bakery story game will keep you entertained! Open a cake bakery with Lizzie... and another... and another! There can never be too many bakeries! It's impossible to have too many cupcakes!
  • Serve your customers with a smile and take their specific orders! Make sure the cupcakes, donuts, or cakes are exactly what they asked for!
  • With a professional cake maker, you can bake tons of yummy desserts!
  • Colorful cake decorations will make your cakes extra fancy!
  • Make Lizzie look like the true baker she is! Don't forget to give her a pretty apron and chef's hat!
  • You can win first prize in baking contests and cake fairs if you show off your sweet bakery skills!
  • Whether you're in the mood for apple yogurt smoothies, princess birthday cakes, or scrumptious cupcakes, get ready to bake the tastiest desserts ever!
  • This fabulous sweet bakery story game will help you become the world's most famous baker!

About Characters

Lizzie's dream since childhood has been to become a wannabe friend. Her dream is now the right time to come true. She was eager and ready for the process of opening a delicious bakery when she graduated from college. As a player, help her fulfill her dreams! How? That is, you will play the character of Lizzie, open a bakery as desired and become a professional baking professional. Strive to become more and more famous with the brand of delicious-delicious-looking pastries!

It is possible to sell online or directly to buyers after opening the world's most famous bakeries. In case you are a pre-order customer, you will receive specific orders from the customer, then process the cakes as requested, and finally deliver the cake to the customer. Selling cake sounds interesting. Besides selling traditionally, it also sells in a more modern way, with more quantity and without limiting its customer base. We will deliver the best cakes to your door regardless of where you live.

Opening Business

You will be motivated to open more bakeries and expand your business scale to make a lot of money once you open a bakery. You don't have to worry about whether there are too many bakeries as long as you make delicious cakes and serve your customers well. It won't matter whether anyone supports it or not. Since customers are always in demand, you will have to do your best to satisfy them.

While receiving orders from customers, in addition to ensuring that what they receive is quality and true to their needs, you also pay attention to how cheerful and friendly the service attitude must be. Customers will be impressed by that. The next time they need support, new customers will return. Practice must also go hand in hand with good business strategy. As an owner, I believe you can easily create sympathy for customers with your intelligence.

How To Make Professional

The bakeries you have built will allow you to become a professional baker. There are many recipes that can be used to bake different types of desserts. By offering more choices, you make your bakery menu more interesting, so customers won't get bored with the same dishes every day. Make up for your friend so you look really beautiful and look like you want to eat immediately!

It is also important for a baker to maintain a professional posture and shape. In this case, you should wear a chef's hat and an apron. The thoroughness and majesty of your bakery will thus make your customers feel more secure. By winning first place in baking competitions and bakery fairs, you can demonstrate your baking skills. You can create colorful, delicious cakes for your customers.

The Building of Your References

Your reputation will become more and more known the more customers love the cake you make. From there, you can become a famous baker. If you are creative in the preparation of desserts, you can bring new products to your customers, such as yogurt apple smoothies, or unique decorations on princess birthday cakes, etc.

In the latest version of the game, you will be able to discover the game in a better way. It gives players maximum satisfaction because previous bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved. The warning for this game is that it will enchant you and make you addicted!

If you haven't experienced this game yet, what are you waiting for? We are looking for people who are interested in owning these substantial and delicious bakeries!