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App By:
Giant Fish
1.2 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 02, 2022

MX Bike APK - Giant Fish has developed and published the motocross racing game MX Bikes APK. Your bike will perform death-defying stunts as you speed through dirt tracks.

This game features dirt tracks with exciting obstacles, ensuring a rough and wild ride. Navigating the tracks, avoiding obstacles, and taking sharp turns require all eyes on you.

You can easily navigate tight turns thanks to the game's realistic physics and decent controls. In addition, you can choose from a variety of bikes with different stats to match your playing style.

It is worth checking out MX Bikes APK if you like hair-raising stunts and quality motocross racing. In order to ensure the best racing experience, the game is optimized for lag-free performance.

The story

A reputable racing game, Motocross began as a sport before becoming a video game. Despite being around since the early 1900s, organized motocross competitions didn't become popular until the 1970s.

A massive popularity surge has followed since then and the sport has evolved into popular motorsport. In addition to Supermoto and Freestyle, it also features Supercross and Big Air.

Various motocross games, including MX Bikes, have been developed as a result of this ever-increasing popularity. Playing these games on your Android device will give you a real-life motocross racing experience.

Exceptional Features of MX Bikes Apk:

Motocross tracks in 3D

There has been a lot of effort put into ensuring that the game's graphics are realistic. The game features detailed 3D motocross tracks with exciting obstacles such as hills, mud pools, and ramps. The challenges will challenge your racing skills and make the game more enjoyable.

Bikes of various types

The game features a variety of bikes, each with different stats and play styles. Our motocross bikes range from 250cc dirt bikes that are great for racing around tight turns to 450cc dirt bikes that are great for high jumps.

Physics with realism

You can make sharp turns and navigate obstacles with the super responsive and realistic physics system. When you master the controls, you'll have a blast racing. If you're a new player, it might take you a while to get the hang of it. Your journey around the track will be filled with bends, bumps, and other obstacles.

Controls that are simple

For new players, MX Bikes APK has simple controls that are easy to master. The quarterpipe flip can be performed with a single touch of a button on your bike. You can also control acceleration, braking, and wheelies using intuitive buttons.

Stunts that are exciting

Death-defying stunts make this game even more exciting. Stunts like the superman and backflip are available for style points on your bike. In a special stunt mode, you'll be timed to see how many death-defying stunts you can accomplish.

Be the best at what you do

Play against other players in the game's online mode. It enhances the challenge and excitement of the game by adding some competitive elements. Seeing who reaches the finish line first is a great way to test your skills against others.

Performance that is second to none

When playing with multiple motocross bikes on the screen, the framerate doesn't drop. An immersive motocross racing experience is made possible by its detailed 3D graphics and smooth performance.

Make your bike unique

Your character can wear a variety of outfits and accessories to look extra cool on the track. It's easy to customize the look of your biker by choosing from different helmets and suits.

Terrains with differing characteristics

Various tracks challenge your skills with challenging terrain and obstacles. No matter what motocross track you race on, MX Bikes will give you a thrilling experience, no matter how narrow or steep the terrain is.