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1.4.2 for Android
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Dec 03, 2022

Ministers College Brawl APK - A college campus is the setting for College Brawl, a fun fighting game. Having had their possessions stolen by a notorious gang, your friends seek your help to get them back by fighting other college students.

There are dangerous fighters and tough bosses in the gang, who will stop at nothing to put you down. For you to succeed, you must be a tremendous fighter.

This link will take you to the download page for the game. Install it on your Android device once it has been downloaded to the download path. You must uninstall the normal version before installing the modded APK if you have it installed.

You will be able to upgrade your character and buy items that will make them more powerful in a fight once you have installed Ministers College Brawl v1.4.2 modded APK.


A great aspect of the gameplay is that you play Ken, a college student who wants to help out his friends. Aside from navigating various college locations, you'll also have to fight enemies along the way.

As you progress, you'll collect rewards for battles won, which you can use to purchase upgrades and weapons for your character. At first, you'll have very basic fighting skills that aren't very interesting, but you'll eventually progress to leveling up your character as enemies become more powerful to defeat.

Due to their unique abilities and powerful attacks, Red Kat gang leaders are also more difficult to defeat than regular enemies in this game.

The History of Ministers College Brawl

Ministers College Brawl revolves around Ken, a fearless student with a keen interest in everything he encounters. Throughout the last few days, there has been a gang known as the Red Kat Gang robbing your friends.

Assume the role of Ken

In this game, your main goal is to retrieve lost objects so that you can return them to your friends. You will have to face a gang of enemies along the way, as well as bosses who each have their own dynamics, so you must search for his weak points in order to defeat him. Each episode of the story has a boss that you must defeat to continue the story. There are 5 episodes in total.

Throughout the game, you will receive different modes as animation rewards, as well as six images.

Anko is the character you play as

In addition, you can also play the story of Ken's sister, Anko, where you will have to face the different enemies of the gang since your classmates were attacked while you were away. To overcome Anko's story, you will have to defeat three episodes and four bosses. As realistic characters, Anko and Ken each have their own story as well as fighting styles and techniques.

Playing the game

It's a 2D arcade game mode based on classic arcade combat like we used to find in the late 90's where you fight to help your classmates and retrieve lost items.

Warriors and bosses from this gang will challenge you with their strengths and weaknesses, so you'll have to learn them. In classic fighting games, you have to coordinate your hitting, dodging, attacking, and healing yourself in order to achieve success. Fighting will primarily involve hand-to-hand combat using your fists, although firearms will also be available as you advance.

Ministers College Brawl may be for you if your main interest is a combat game with combos, fighting, and strategies needed to overcome the levels.

Features of Ministers College Brawl Apk:

Take a look at how much money you are earning and how happy you are

With every enemy assault, your hero's vitality meter depletes. Monitor it and use tools to revive yourself if necessary.

Once your vitality runs out, the game ends. Utilize tools and weapons strategically to defeat your opponents, since supplies like these are limited. It is crucial to earn all awards and triumph in battle in order to defeat the Kat group and emerge as the college savior.

Battles with brutal bosses

In the video game, the bosses of the Red Kat group engage in a heated death battle. Conflicts like these require more planning and expertise because they are more challenging than typical opponent encounters.

Because of their distinct abilities and more potent assaults, you must analyze your strategy carefully to overcome their sneaky tactics. In addition to adding spice, major battles increase difficulty, which makes it more enjoyable for gamers.

Characters with great realism

As a result of including many different characters, this game has a higher degree of authenticity. Each persona will have unique combat techniques and skills, making the fights even more exciting and unpredictable.

The following are included:


In the video game, Ken is the main character and can be controlled. Dedicated to protecting his buddy and beating the gang, this schoolkid would do anything to save him.

Ken's storyline has five levels and five formidable adversaries. Every round, which represents a new school area, becomes more complex as it proceeds.

Furthermore, there are over 3 photos and about 26 sexual cartoons in these phases. By using them, you can regain HP or KI. In addition to expanding gameplay potential, this also adds tact and complexity to the gameplay.


A skilled warrior, she is Ken's sister. Anko felt overwhelmed by your students visiting the gang while you were away. Putting an end to the group requires you to intervene. A strong combat prowess and aggressive demeanor make her a useful combatant.

During her adventure, she encounters three phases and four fights, each with its own specialties. Help Anko win the battles by fighting them.

The game's bonus options also include ten sexual cartoons and five photos. Using resources correctly will enhance your persona and prepare you for quests. In order to prevent an adversary from sexually interfering with Anko, you must get her up every time she is taken out.

Organize groceries

Aside from chicken, apples, and seafood, adversaries would also leave foodstuffs after fighting. As a result, these foods will boost your Vitality rates, allowing you to continue fighting for a long time. Apples, for example, provide HP and KI strength even though seafood only contributes one HP.

When opponents are destroyed, they can leave behind food, money, and unique items such as firearms or protection. Your persona should be strengthened and improved through it. It is possible to emerge as the winner of the school battle in this manner.

A hostile coalition can grow into a potent threat if they come together to fight you. Using the environment and continually improving your persona will help you win each battle.