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Mar 21, 2023

Minecraft 1.19.71 APK - Players of Minecraft version 1.19.71 can alter the appearance of their armour thanks to a new feature called "armour change." Version 1.19.71 of Minecraft, is accomplished with the use of a Smithing Table. In the game's environment, the blueprints needed to modify artefacts can be discovered in a variety of locations, including desert pyramids, jungle temples, ancient towns, Nether fortresses, and other strongholds.

When personalising your armour in Minecraft PE 1.19.71, players need to take into consideration two different aspects: the object's pattern and the substance it is made of. The template that is used in the manufacturing process is what ultimately decides the pattern. Players have access to a wide variety of materials to employ in their games, including copper, gold, amethyst, quartz, and many more.

The Cherry Tree Grove

Players of Minecraft version 1.19.71 are drawn to a peculiar biome, mostly due to the presence of aesthetically pleasing rose trees. The creators of Mojang have worked on the inhabitants of this location, and as a result, the frogs that live here are now of the appropriate variety.


Together with the introduction of archaeology, the game environment has also been updated with a significant number of brand-new elements and blocks. The makers of Minecraft PE 1.19.71 have included an additional resource in the game. The gamers may come across suspicious gravel in addition to hearing a suspicious squeak.

Minecraft 1.19.71 Patch Notes:

  • Resolved a bug that might cause the loading progress bar for the game to get stuck at 66% when it was first started (MCPE-168284)
  • Resolved a crash that could have happened during the launch process on iOS
  • It should no longer be possible to see other players' names through the environment or behind walls (MCPE-168269)
  • An issue that prevented the text on Signs from being displayed on PCs while ray tracing was enabled has been fixed (MCPE-167638)
  • Resolved a bug that caused players to load inaccurate data into their local games after successfully connecting to a server or Realm (MCPE-164765)
  • Upon the initial launch of the game, players are presented with a dialogue that gives them the choice to turn on text-to-speech if it is supported.