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App By:
Ponyom Games
19.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2022

Lifting Hero APK -  version of Lifting Hero is available from Ponyom Games. Although the graphics are minimalistic, the gameplay is extremely addictive. The goal is to become the strongest man in the world by lifting as much weight as you can.

As you warm up, you can start with light items and gradually increase the difficulty by picking up heavier weights. As you progress through the game, you will be motivated to keep playing.

Download Lifting Hero APK for Android if you're looking for a fun weight-lifting game. Any Android device running 5.0 or higher can use the app, which is approximately 115 MB in size.

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Keep Clicking

You lift more weights the more you click. Therefore, you should click as quickly as possible. You must be quick to beat the clock and earn more rewards.

As you rack up points, you will also see a multiplier appear on the screen. The multiplier increases as you click faster. This is a great way to score some quick points and earn more rewards.

Trade-Off Your Muscles

Your muscles can be sold for quick cash after you've worked hard and lifted weights. It is possible to sell your muscles for money, which can be used to purchase new equipment or weights.

The money can also be used to upgrade your character. You can improve your strength, stamina, and speed by doing this. Your strength and lifting capacity will increase as a result of these upgrades.

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Other Outstanding Features of Lifting Hero Apk

Lift the heaviest weights

Initially, you will lift chairs, but eventually, you will lift weights too heavy for one person. In spite of this, you may be able to surprise yourself by reaching these weights. A minivan, a train, and a pick-up truck fall into this category.

Build Muscles

The game shows the difference between your muscles when starting out and after some time. Lifting weights will change your physique over time. The game feels like it is progressing, which is always motivating.

Flex Your Muscles

If you work hard and lift weights, you can show off your muscles. A great way to motivate others to start exercising is to brag about your accomplishments.

Unlock Auto-Click Feature

After playing for a while, you will be able to use the auto-click feature. When you're not actively playing the game, you can click automatically to lift weights.

Play a relaxing game with a fun theme

Entertainment and relaxation are the primary purposes of this game. Perfect for taking a break from school or work. Also, you can have some quick fun with the fun-themed gameplay.

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Would you like to become a giant by lifting weights?

Sell your muscle after you gain it by starting with small weights

Lift more weights and purchase new objects

You'll develop your muscles faster if you click

Is it possible for you to reach the biggest objects?

How to Play Lifting Hero Apk

Simple challenges with great rewards await you in this game. You can also lift weights by tapping and holding the screen. As you complete the task, you will see a progress bar on the screen.

As you progress through the levels, you will lift different items. You will always feel motivated to keep playing because the gameplay is really rewarding.

You can also earn rewards by completing other challenges. Among them are lifting weights for a certain amount of time or performing a set number of repetitions.

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