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Ubisoft Entertainment
4.8.2 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 19, 2022

Hungry Shark World APK - With the Hungry Shark World Apk, you can dive into the world of vast oceans and seas and explore the deep places of water. You'll be playing as one of the sharks of the ocean trying to eat every other fish that comes in front of it in this sea adventure game. In our hack version, you will receive free coins and diamonds.

Lions are kings of the land. When it comes to the sea, sharks are the only predators that dominate. It is impossible to dive into deep waters without getting eaten by sharks or meeting them.

Hungry Shark World is lucky for you because you are the shark. Various types and sizes of sharks will be available for you to choose from. As soon as you do, your single-player campaign begins and you have to eat every fish you see, including humans.

Eating first or being eaten is the rule of this game. There are other predators in the game besides you. The Hungry Shark World Apk has humans that want to capture you, then there are bigger fish and big sharks that feed on the small sharks, so if you don't keep these things in mind, you will be eaten by another shark very easily.


There is nothing not to like about this game, from the graphics to the vast open world ocean. Fish Farm 3 and Fishing Diary are similar. You will be able to explore a vast ocean in this game. You can choose from a variety of shark species.

Throughout the game, each shark has seven levels with different sizes and powers. Your sharks grow bigger and stronger as you eat more.

In addition to this, sharks can be equipped with a variety of weapons, accessories, and iron and steel armor. You can also customize different parts of the shark and if you like, you can have the shark's skin changed entirely.


As with its predecessor, Hungry Shark World follows a relatively similar storyline. A common thread runs through the game, which features players playing as sharks in the ocean. As long as they are not larger than them, they will eat anything in their way, regardless of size.

The main goal of the game is to collect and evolve shark species to make them more capable in this vast ocean. Decide which prey is right for you as a hunter. Become larger by consuming them.

You'll also have to deal with various enemies' resists. Be sure that your sharks are strong enough to take them down or to escape from them.


World of Hungry Sharks World of Hungry Sharks

There are too many features of the Hungry Shark World Apk to discuss them all. Nevertheless, I have listed a few of the game's amazing features below.

Either you eat or you get eaten

The most powerful predator in the sea doesn't mean you're the only one. You will be eaten by the same predators and other sharks. A smaller and less powerful shark is more likely to eat you if you are smaller and less powerful.

Eat To Grow Big

In order to grow big, you must eat fish smaller than yourself. If you want to eat any other fish, you can hunt it and eat it. The more you do this, the bigger and stronger you will become.

Keep Pet Sharks

As a player, you will be able to keep your pet sharks in the game. Sharks are here to help you catch more fish, even bigger ones. Whenever you give your pet a task to complete, it will assist you in completing it without your involvement.

Equipment used by sharks

In addition, game developers have allowed players to customize their sharks with different modern technology. In addition to body armor, it can also be equipped with weapons and hunting accessories to help the shark.