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SFB Games
1.4.31 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 01, 2022

Haunt The House APK - It is a bizarre world simulated in a frightening and attractive Halloween style called Haunt the House: Terrortown. Immerse yourself in the world of ghosts and chase everyone away. You will be the ghost emitting scary sounds and scary shapes to scare everyone. You won't want to play this paint-worthy game if you're faint of heart, will you? It is impossible to ignore the sensation of extreme excitement that Haunt the House: Terrortown conveys throughout the process of participating in the game.

The night has been lost, so get what you lost

When the clock strikes 0 a.m., it signals the beginning of a new day, the time when you must finish your mission and wait for the next battle opportunity. There is nothing more sensitive than midnight for a ghost. You are those wandering ghosts, and the ghosts are searching for the resources they lost. Scare as many objects as possible in theaters, hospitals, museums, and cruise ships. Depending on how many villagers you scare, you will receive a reward for each round. In the dark and horror scenes, the ghosts have an extremely tough and barbaric task.

Own A Lot Of Fucking Dollars

How can we get those people to leave that public space? Now is the time to collect as many horror characters as you can. The store offers a vast world for you to explore and experience. Choosing shocking and shocking outfits and accessories will make your chase and scare go smoothly and quickly. The most impressive, surprising, and terrifying point must be the one that strikes people's eyes. There are still interesting items that need to be added to the item inventory. Run to the store immediately after completing the mission and collecting a lot of coins.

It Is Extremely Special To Upgrade To The New Version

It's great when ghosts expand their territory to a raging scale. The producer Haunt the House: Terrortown has added 3 extremely attractive and completely free expansions: ghost ship, Mansion house, and North Pole. As well as stopping at the original five locations, this new version allows players to explore more places and collect valuable gifts. A vibrant and bustling town between people and ghosts is gradually becoming hotter than ever, and scary screams and roars will cover this strange and gloomy space.

Rich Resources And Value

It is the ghosts' responsibility to take possession and use the many resources scattered across the bases. A large number of beautiful, colorful, lively objects are scattered everywhere; friends immediately pocket these valuable and attractive items. They will show you the ghosts' journey, which will be more thrilling and exciting than ever before. People will be overpowered by the ghosts, who will be able to take control of locations and overthrow them.

Adrenaline-Packed Gameplay

Haunt the House APK Game is filled with horror. Your ghostly acts won't be deterred by people running from you. Overtaking them fearlessly without getting caught requires quick thinking and quick action.

In order to regain possession of the property, your primary goal will be to repossess it. It becomes more challenging as you reclaim more houses. You can collect spirits and increase your score by finding hidden objects around terror town.

In addition, you will have no limits on where and how to scare people and conquer the terror town. If you want to scare people in the streets, alleyways, or even hospitals, you can do that!

The Terrifying Haunts

Terror Town is not your usual place. It is a place where ghosts live in fear of people. They won't stop until everyone is terrified, so they're looking for their houses to reclaim.

Beware of ghosts as you roam the streets of terror town. Some of them will try to thwart your reclamation endeavors. Using your Haunt attacks or upgrading your ghostly abilities will send them back into the darkness.

Features of Haunt the House Flash Game

Challenges that are exhilarating

You must be aware of the dangers in terror town. Don't let your ghostly soul get away from those who want it! A flash game about haunting a house

Puzzles that can be solved

Solving puzzles is the key to reclaiming houses. To succeed here, you need brains over brawn. Collecting hidden items and defeating ghosts will also allow you to upgrade your ghostly powers.

Take your abilities to the next level

With each house you pass through, you gain experience and unlock new abilities that can speed up and simplify your quest. Continue to dominate the terror town by upgrading your ghostly powers!

Support for Android TV

As this game can now be played on your TV, the terror town is now bigger than ever! Using the remote control, anyone in the family can enjoy playing Haunt the House Terrortown APK.

Graphics in 3D that are superior

In the terror town, there are spooks and scares everywhere. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy superior 3D graphics while playing this game! With its Halloween-themed soundtrack, your gameplay will be more exciting and thrilling than ever!

Key Features:

  • You play as the devil in Haunt the House: Terrortown, searching for lost objects on five large bases.
  • Come and buy the eye-catching dolls in the store.
  • A three-area upgrade expands the player's adventure.
  • It's easy to collect rewards and resources everywhere.
  • Many famous songs from around the world are included in the sound.
  • Complete the challenge quickly and capture the goal.