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1.2.1 for Android
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Sep 16, 2022

Grimvalor APK - In the game, you explore the forgotten country of Vallaris in search of the missing king. Suddenly, you realize that you are under attack by a terrifying darkness army in the dark and cold dungeons of Vallaris long forgotten. You are forced to stand up and fight, to reclaim Vallaris and to discover the ancient power here. Are you capable of overcoming it all by yourself?

This is the storyline

A deserted place without a shadow awaits you in Grimvalor, set in the ancient country of Vallaris. It will surprise you to learn that a vast kingdom is no longer ruled by anyone, more specifically that the kingdom has mysteriously disappeared. You are even more surprised to discover that a dark power has stirred the forgotten country. During an adventure to uncover these mysteries, you are soon thrown into dark dungeons and attacked by an army of demons. The evil power that devastated Vallaris' life was carried by these guards of King Valor.

When it comes to finding the missing king's fate and restoring the kingdom, there is no other way than to hold the sword firmly and stand up against the enemy. You can build a bright future for yourself with your willpower and tenacious fighting spirit.

Deadly adventure

From the start, Grimvalor takes you on a journey through dungeons and ancient ruins. However, this is not an adventure or a hilarious exploration. You are surrounded by monsters. In order to survive, you must fight to defeat all your enemies with only one sword as an ally.

The gameplay of Grimvalor is fast-paced and has a nice combination of actions. Using simple controls with jump, dodge, and special skills, you can quickly control how to play and find unique combos. If you don't want to die here, you must become strong. Explore a world filled with hidden dangers and discover the mysteries.

Fight alone

"Fight alone" is what it means in Grimvalor. In a world filled with death, you are alone and must overcome it all. In addition to being crowded, the monsters are aggressive and reckless. Make them realize that looking down on you is a mistake!

You can sweep every dungeon filled with enemies with the power derived from superior skills and iron will. When you hate your enemies, learn thoroughly about them and destroy them with your anger. With your beautiful skills, you can make the demons understand the cost of subjectivity. Furthermore, special skills will help you take down large numbers of enemies quickly.

Your character will be upgraded

In each battle with the enemy, you can collect useful equipment and improve your character's skills. You may not realize it, but there is one person who always accompanies you through battles, that is the merchant. Strengthening your weapons and upgrading your power is done there. You can increase your basic stats as well as buy new weapons.