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Fifa TimeBD APK - The FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule is in Bangladesh time. No country or person in the world does not watch football games. The same goes for Bangladesh, a country that loves football so much that many countries or people will not believe it if they don't see it for themselves.

Every match of the World Cup tournament is watched live by the whole family in front of various media by the people of this country who love the game very much. For these enthusiastic fans, it is very important that their favorite team plays according to the fifa world cup 2022 schedule Bangladesh time.

Schedule for the FIFA Football World Cup 2022

On November 20th, the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 will begin. 32 teams participated in the event, which was divided into eight groups. Teams are divided into four groups. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will begin on November 20 at 10 pm Bangladesh time with a match between Qatar and Ecuador. There will be a month-long football festival to conclude the Qatar Football World Cup 2022. The final will be played on December 18 at 9 pm.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage Matches Details:

Date, Name of Country Time of Match

20 November Qatar vs Ecuador at 10:00 pm.

21 November England vs Iran 07:00 pm.

21 November Senegal vs Netherlands 10:00 pm.

November 22 USA vs. Wales 1:00 am.

November 22 Denmark vs Tunisia 07:00 pm.

23 November France vs Australia 01:00 am.

November 22 Mexico vs. Poland at 10:00 pm.

November 22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 04:00 pm.

23 November Spain vs Costa Rica 10:00 pm.

23 November Belgium vs Canada 07:00 pm.

23 November Germany vs Japan 07:00 pm.

23 November Morocco vs Croatia 04:00 pm.

24 November Uruguay vs South Korea 07:00 pm.

24 November Portugal vs Ghana 10:00 pm.

24 November Switzerland vs Cameroon 04:00 pm.

November 25 Brazil vs. Serbia 1:00 am.

25 November Qatar vs Senegal 07:00 pm.

25 November Wales vs Iran 04:00 pm.

25 November Netherlands vs Ecuador at 10:00 pm.

26 November Poland vs Saudi Arabia 04:00 pm.

26 November England vs USA 01:00 am.

26 November Tunisia vs Australia 04:00 pm.

26 November France vs Denmark at 10:00 pm.

27 November Argentina vs Mexico 01:00 am.

27 November Belgium vs Morocco 07:00 pm.

November 27 Croatia vs Canada 10:00 pm.

27 November Japan vs Costa Rica 04:00 pm.

28 November Spain vs Germany 01:00 am.

November 28 Brazil vs Switzerland 10 pm.

28 November South Korea vs Ghana 07:00 pm.

28 November Cameroon vs Serbia 04:00 pm.

29 November Portugal vs Uruguay 1:00 am.

29 November Netherlands vs Qatar 09:00 PM.

29 November Ecuador vs Senegal 09:00 PM

30 November Wales vs England 01:00 am.

November 30 Iran vs. USA 1:00 am.

30 November Peru/Australia/UAE vs Denmark 09:00 pm.

30 November Tunisia vs France 09:00 pm.

1 December Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 01:00 am.

December 1 Poland vs. Argentina 1:00 am.

1 December Croatia vs Belgium 09:00 pm.

2 December Japan vs Spain 01:00 am.

1 December Canada vs Morocco 09:00 pm.

December 2 Costa Rica vs Germany 01:00 am.

December 2 Ghana vs Uruguay 09:00 pm.

2 December South Korea vs Portugal 09:00 pm.

3 December Serbia vs Switzerland 01:00 am.

December 3 Cameroon vs. Brazil 1:00 am.

2nd Round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Knockout Round):

Date Group Name and Match Time

3 December A1 vs B2 09:00 pm.

4 December C1 vs D2 01:00 am.

4 December D1 vs C2 09:00 pm.

5 December B1 vs A2 01:00 am.

5 December E1 vs F2 09:00 pm.

6 December G1 vs H2 01:00 am.

6 December F1 vs E2 09:00 pm.

7 December H1 vs G2 01:00 am.