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Mar 17, 2023

FGO English APK - You may now play "Fate RPG" on your phone thanks to TYPE-MOON!

This game incorporates millions of words from the original narrative and has an excellent main scenario and numerous character missions!

packed with material that both Fate franchise devotees and novices can enjoy.


2017 AD

Human history will be obliterated in 2019 according to Chaldea, an institution tasked with monitoring Earth's future.

The promising future of 2017 abruptly vanished.

Why? How? Who? what method?

ADVERTISEMENT. 2004. a certain Japanese rural community.

A previously unobservable region suddenly became visible.

Chaldea conducts her sixth experiment, time travel, under the assumption that this is the reason for humanity's demise.

a prohibited ritual in which they would transform people into Spiritrons and then send them back in time. They will find, identity, and ultimately eliminate the space-time Singularity by interfering with occurrences.

Grand Order is the mission classification, which is an order to safeguard Humanity.

It is a designation for people who are willing to defy human history and battle fate in order to defend humanity.

The group that keeps an eye on humanity's future

The story starts in 2017 AD, a very long time ago. You will be engaged in a specific illustrious organisation when you arrive in this world. It is known as Chaldea specifically. This group has been tasked with the task of keeping watch over the unbounded future of Earth. The urgent news is what matters and has an impact on everyone. It presumes that 2019 will see the destruction of the earth.

Everything is altered by the provincial town's strangeness.

But then something weird transpired, and everything was turned on its head. We wish to point you that this was not the first time in history that a little Japanese settlement had been observed. This is the cause of all change and what turns the world on its axis. This is also the fundamental reason for Fate/Grand Order, at the same time. Not content with that, this oddity is also the reason why humans are going extinct.

Fate/Grand Order provides you with a distinctive adventure because of this real-world rationale. Chaldea's ongoing sixth experiment is her main focus. It is referred described as a singular journey into the past. Can you actually carry out this plan? Gamers that visit this place will have the chance to master heroes. You have complete authority over them and can command them at any time.

Millions of users are specifically told information about the Fate/Grand Order adventure. You can bring people back to the period it occurred by forbidding a unique ritual that was practiced here. Before any action is taken in this land, humans will be converted into Spiritron. Players have the ability to meddle with both conventional locations in space and time and occurrences.

Key Features:

  • Take part in the never-ending struggle to save humanity's existence and solve unique puzzles.
  • Manage a group of heroes with exact orders from a clever, original strategy.
  • If you keep thinking about fighting for humanity, you will earn the honorable title of Grand Order.
  • Set out on a journey through time that, in accordance with your purpose, turns everything on its head.
  • The top fans of the popular television series Fate are the focus of this command card role-playing battle game.