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Celtic Spear
1.7.419 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 24, 2023

Cuties Hacked APK - Players are surrounded by hair in the world of Cuties. Although their lives are limited by giant things that bring many difficulties and challenges, they never intend to give up; rather, they strive to improve. Upon entering this world, players will gain more life experiences, which will allow them to learn many life lessons.

The rules of Cuties

A good puzzle is always part of the Cuties' lives in the game. There is a sense in which the Cuties' lives are puzzles. Even when fantasizing about doing something, they adhere scrupulously to the rules of their game. Each time they start a game, the Cuties leap recklessly over one another, hoping to remain on the square with the flag. Cuties also has rules that you must follow. Find out more about them now.

Your goal in Cuties is to help the Cuties repair their home. If you want to repair furniture or anything in their home, you will need purple stars. In order to receive the purple star, you must overcome each level. There will be different requirements for each level. As an example, level 1 requires you to connect nine gold tiles. The only way to overcome level 6 is to save 20 cuties. A large square will be created by putting together many small squares. There will be an object in each square. To pop the squares, you must connect three objects of the same color. In addition, when four or more objects are connected, you will receive an explosive bonus. With a double tap or a push, you can destroy the squares around the explosive bonus. Furthermore, you can remove all the same-colored objects with the rainbow bonus. You can destroy a lot of squares if you connect 7 or more objects. By double tapping it or pushing it aside, it can be exploded. Destroy as many squares as you can by creating many bonuses.

Successful Switch

Our match-3 game offers classic gameplay along with new features you've never seen before. It's time to help Cuties from the cold white snow to continue their journey to discover the exciting things that are waiting for them. There are hundreds of levels to conquer along with that.

Collect Gold And Gems

Furthermore, players will have assets to reserve and will be strengthened. You will be able to overcome many unexpected challenges beyond everyday meals with their help. Everywhere you set foot, gold and gems appear anonymously. In order to collect evidence, players will need a lot of time, but gold and gems will not disappoint.

Trust Logic Thinking

A variety of puzzles from the simple to the complex are included in this adventure game. Use your innate intelligence and logical reasoning ability to attack and solve them easily and quickly, regardless of how challenging they are. Players will enjoy harvesting certain harvests and experiencing unique experiences through puzzles. The rules of the game will always be followed by Cuties regardless of what they do. You will immediately be boycotted if you don't comply.

Players are supported by the unique features

Several unique features have been provided by the publisher to make overcoming levels easier for players. Destroy a square is the first feature. The Axe icon can be tapped to access this feature. After that, you choose which square you want to destroy. In addition to the mitten, there are other features in the game. Any adjacent object can be changed using the mitten. To change the position of two objects, choose two of them. You will also receive gold coins or bonuses from lucky boxes. You will be able to destroy many squares with their help.

A unique feature of the game is also present. In other words, it supports a wide range of languages. There are nine languages available in Cuties, according to the publisher. The languages are English, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Due to them, many players will be able to understand and complete the missions of the game more easily. The process of changing your language is very simple. Simply open Settings, tap the Global icon, and select the language you want.