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App By:
Black Hood
1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 24, 2023

Christmas Bloody Christmas APK - The best adult games list includes Christmas Bloody Christmas. Using just a few clicks, you can download this sex game. The latest games and updates are always available for you.

The Bloody Christmas

This is a dream about Mr. Grim, who kills other men for a living: this time it is The Fox's turn.

People, particularly children, seem to be traded by the Fox frequently.

There are exploration elements in the game, as well as lewd animations and renders.

As the name implies, there is blood as well.

A professional hitman, Mr. Grim is very well paid. Neither is he a comic book hero nor a villain.

The man lives in a gray area where people need someone to get their hands dirty, and he is the one who will do it.

A cold, calculating, and skilled individual. For now, we don't know if he has a heart under his gun, even if those who have known him for a long time say there is.

Mr. Grim will meet new and old acquaintances during the game and must complete his mission without being discovered.

Since we love the idea behind the game and story, we didn't want to hide that if you enjoy it, there will definitely be more Mr. Grim stories in the future.

The Djinn Chronicles: Erenon is our main game, which differs from a VN. Using this method, we can explore new types of games and methodologies and test our skills.

Please let us know what you think to help us improve and bring you ever more pleasant and playable products. Create a human connection with your enemies.