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U.S. Customs and Border Protection
2.42.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 25, 2023

CBP One 2.27 APK - Through a series of guided questions, users are guided to the features they need using the CBP OneTM app, which serves as a single portal to a variety of CBP services.

There are currently two features available in CBP One TM, but more will be added over the next year.

Through the Inspection Appointment Request feature, brokers, carriers, and forwarders can request an inspection of perishable cargo entering the U.S. through their mobile devices. A CBP Agriculture Specialist will also be able to receive real-time status updates regarding their appointment requests or chat with a CBP Agriculture Specialist if additional information is needed from them.

The I-94 feature allows travelers to apply and pay for their I-94 up to seven days prior to their arrival in the U.S. at a Port of Entry (POE). CBP One™ also provides access to a digital copy of their I-94 and up to 5 years of travel history.

Features rolled out over the next year will benefit Small Vessel Operators, Bus Operators, Aircraft Operators, Seaplane Pilots, commercial truck drivers, and Commercial Vessel Operators.

CBP One™ I-94 is available nationwide. However, the ability to make appointments for perishable cargo is available at participating Ports of Entry (POE) only, please contact your POE for more information.

What is the CBP One 2.27 Apk?

The CBP One 2.40.0 APK mobile app provides users with a user interface that is intuitive and step-by-step instructions for accessing a variety of CBP services. It provides users with the opportunity to review the applications they have filed and includes guided questions regarding the services users are seeking. Additionally, the app provides direct links to customer service personnel who are able to respond to any additional inquiries or issues regarding particular applications or services.

Customers who use this app have an additional layer of protection afforded to them by the function that protects their mobile devices with a pin code. ensuring that all stored personal information is protected from unwanted guests or intruders and is kept in a safe and secure location. Travelers can now produce and verify their own electronic receipts using this brand-new technology that can be customized. This can be utilized as evidence for either entry or exit into the building. If border patrol agents from either the United States or Mexico ask for it at any point along the border, prior to reentering either the United States or Mexico after a short visit to either nation temporarily for vacation or business.

In addition, it is equipped with a variety of optimization features, some of which include a sped-up loading time for searches of travel documents and passport verifications. In addition, we have updated the address entry forms to ensure greater accuracy. While filling personal details on forms, making this the ideal companion tool for frequent travelers who are wanting to optimize their experience when moving across borders throughout the world.


Access to the CBP Services Is Straightforward and Convenient

Users are able to effortlessly access and navigate the various services that are provided by CBP thanks to this app. It provides a comprehensive list of resources, which simplifies, expedites, and enhances the user's experience when accessing the many websites and services.

Information that is Both Accurate and Recent

The application delivers information that is both up-to-date and accurate for each service. In order to provide users with the ability to make an educated choice when requesting assistance from CBP. In addition, in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we provide comprehensive instructions on how to utilize each service. that users are well aware of how to successfully carry out the tasks they have chosen.

Guidance in a Sequence of Steps

For the entirety of the processing of each application or service, it offers advice in the form of step-by-step instructions. that customers are aware of all that they need to accomplish in order to properly finish their duties in the shortest amount of time possible.

Help with Self-Service Attempts

When it is necessary, the app offers support in the form of self-service with customized automated guides that are based on the user's preferences. It is necessary to have this capability within every individual application task or process step in order to enable a seamless experience throughout all interactions with CBP services without wasting time by having to navigate from page to page.

Optional Direct Messaging Features

Customers will be able to instantly contact someone from United States Customs and Border Protection via the direct messaging option contained within the app itself anytime they require personalized advice while completing the application process thanks to this innovation.