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App By:
Vic Game Studios
1.01.049 for Android
Updated On:
May 26, 2023

Black Clover Mobile APK - In 2022, Black Clover Mobile will be available in Japanese, Korean, and English!

As the developer of Netmarble's hit mobile RPG, SDS: Grand Cross, Jae-Young Choi's VIC Game Studios has already worked with anime content.

A 3D cel-shaded graphics engine will be used along with an open world and boss battles to challenge you. Furthermore, there are a ton of characters to unlock in this gacha game.

Phantom Knights is a role-playing game based on the popular manga series Black Clover. As well as characters from the Manganime, this entertaining RPG features new heroes created specifically for this game, including Asta, Noelle, and Yami.

Of course, the battles are the most important part of Black Clover Phantom Knights, which features some spectacular warfare. In this game, you won't be able to control your characters directly, as they attack automatically. But it will be up to you to choose the best formation from various options, as well as which heroes will face the hordes of enemies.

Various characters are available through the gacha system, each with a unique class that affects your strategy. You can unleash a powerful limit-breaking attack if you land enough normal attacks. Put together a team of five balanced heroes and see if you can defeat your opponents.

It's a beautiful RPG that immerses you in Yūki Tabata's world. It has a fantastic storyline that unfolds through narrative scenes in the style of a visual novel. This RPG will keep you glued to your Android device thanks to its great story, various game modes, and extensive character development system!