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3.6.54 for Android
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Dec 06, 2022

Bitaim APK - With bitAIM, you can predict direct and indirect shots, as well as multi-collisions of coins, with highly accurate accuracy.

Image Recognition is used to simulate the future before the shot is played by using your screen image

You can practice all the master shorts and become a professional carrom player with it

It is a tool app designed for practice purposes only. No big competitions should be held with it.

What is Bitaim Apk?

Carom players can make their playing experience better by installing Bitaim APK. Using advanced image recognition along with AI technology, we're able to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

It will therefore be possible to accurately predict live and live footage as well as multiple coin collisions using the application. The Bitaim APK is completely free to download and can be used on any Android device.

How To Use Bitaim Pro?

Download App Manager and install it on your device if you want to use Bitaim all premium shots for free. Once Bitaim and App Manager have been installed, you can open Bitaim from App Manager and use its premium features for free.

Basically, you need to go to my website's homepage to download App Manager. Click on the search option on the right side of the screen, type what you're looking for, for example, App Manager, then click search, then you'll see the app, download it, and install it.

Features for hiding lines

By using bitaim Line Hide Features, you can now hide your laser line or guideline in video recordings. In order to record video from a carrom pool table, you simply need to adjust the size and color of the line.

After you set the Line Size to 1 and the color to match your table color, you can record videos using the normal screen recorder on your phone. If you guys do video recording after this setting, then the super line will not appear in your video.

This feature is going to be very beneficial for anyone on YouTube who doesn't want to expose their use of third-party tools to their audience.

An extra premium shot

If you want Bitaim Pro Extra Premium Shot for Free, you will need to open Bitaim from the App Manager, then you will be able to unlock all the extra pro features for free. If you wish to change its laser line or simple line color and thickness, you can open Bitaim from App Manager and adjust the line and color settings, then login to your Facebook account and enable its All Brush and Bounce shot settings.

Note: You cannot see Bitaim's extra premium shots if you open it directly without App Manager. It is therefore necessary to download app manager and open Bitaim from there.

Predict moves and improve your carrom skills

A game like bitAIM can help you learn and improve since it's not easy. Playing carrom with this app, you'll receive an accurate prediction of the movement and collision of the pieces based on the board and shot you're going to take.

There will be different boards with different assumptions of the most common moves on the app. Using the screen image, you can then simulate the future shot before playing using the image recognition technique. This is an application intended only for training purposes and should not be used for major competitions, according to the developers.

Features of Bitaim Apk

The popularity of Bitaim APK is no coincidence. As a result of its many outstanding features, this application has the following advantages:

AI Assistant

You can play a variety of games at the same time with Bitaim APK thanks to its smart AI technology. Today, this is the most advanced technology available.

During the game, you can do a lot with this technology assistant. There will be a 3x increase in speed and efficiency. Navigate the game using images, sounds, and controls.

Practice regularly

To improve your technique when playing carom, you should practice a lot. You can practice regularly with Bitaim APK, and you can improve quickly with AI assistance. With this practice, it is not far away for you to win and overcome other opponents.

Free Tools

It is completely free to download Bitaim APK. Since it's designed for practice purposes, you won't have to pay for it. You only need to download and experience it.

Bitaim APK, for instance, does not require registration so users can access all the features without upgrading to a VIP account.

Different types of shots

You can choose from a variety of different shooting options in Bitaim APK. You should choose the best shot you can make. Backstroke, Striker Backstroke, V-Side Bottom Shot, V-Side Top Shot, Side Strike, Side Shot, dual coins, and more are a few of the prominent shots. To ensure an accurate and beautiful shot, you should practice regularly.

Speed ​​up

You will be able to improve your skills and hit speed with the assistance of artificial intelligence assistants. With Bitaim APK, you won't have to struggle not knowing where to start.

The interface that is easy to use

There is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface in Bitaim APK. When first exposed to this application, players will not have much difficulty. It is easy to navigate and control. In addition to the image, there are also clear colors that are easily recognized and used by users.