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1.2.9 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 02, 2023

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK - In the game's settings window, you'll find a new coupon!

The best arm wrestling king in the world is developed through training, winning against different opponents, and winning against various opponents!

Get rich rewards when you participate in dumbbell contests!

Become stronger by collecting hair, costumes, and relics!

There is also a modified version of this game known as Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk. All functions will be unlocked in this improved version, so you won't be interrupted by advertisements while playing.

Would you like to download the most exciting simulation game available? Your first and only stop should be Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK. You will be entertained for hours on end by its slick graphics, straightforward controls, and a slew of unique features.


It's a fun game to play Arm Wrestling Clicker, another odd piece of semantic content. To determine whose ward will be the champion, players will enter the world of arm wrestling. However, the character still has a long way to go before it can function at such a high level of competition.

The establishment of new sites, arduous workouts, the usage of a variety of different pieces of apparatus, the purchase of clothing and any and all other ancillary components, and a great deal more are all in store for him. People that are fascinated by mechanisms of this kind will find the idea to be quite intriguing and appealing as a result.

Key Features:

  • Every day, coupons are available!
  • Become the world's strongest arm wrestler!
  • In the settings window of the game, you can find a new coupon.
  • The sport of arm wrestling involves competitors competing against each other solely with their arms. It aims to determine whose arms have the most strength and stamina.
  • Win valuable prizes by participating in dumbbell contests!
  • It is possible to become stronger by acquiring different types of hair, outfits, and relics.
  • This game is completely free to play. In order to participate, you do not need to pay anything. That's awesome, isn't it?
  • No root: There is no source requirement for this file. The program does not require root access.

What’s New

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned gamer or this is your second, third, or fourth alternative account, you must still follow the instructions. This is the first and most important loophole. You'll earn substantial rewards for completing the tutorial, and some of the items you receive are among the most valuable in the game.

  • Watch commercials every day to earn more money.
  • Participate in regular activities to increase your chances of winning.
  • PVE and offline play can be improved by spending more time practicing. Missing any of these activities would be a mistake.
  • You can exchange ad packs for cash at the shop. You will also receive complimentary packets periodically as an added bonus.
  • By watching gaming videos on YouTube and Twitch, you can learn from the experiences of other players.
  • Depending on your play style and strategy, you'll meet different opponents.