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Updated On:
Sep 30, 2023

AI Yearbook APK - Allow me to introduce the AI Yearbook APK, a remarkable app that has completely changed the way I edit photos. As someone who is really into photography, I've always looked for tools that can help me make my pictures better. Not only does the AI Yearbook APK live up to those hopes, but it also goes above and beyond them by combining the power of AI with professional-grade editing tools in a smooth way. This article will show you some of the best things about this amazing app, which has made editing easier, more fun, and more artistic for me.

As someone who cares a lot about how clear and crisp photos are, the promise of improved accuracy in the latest version of AI Yearbook APK caught my attention right away. The days of fuzzy or grainy pictures that make you unhappy are over. Better clarity and sharpness are achieved with this app, making sure that your photos look nothing less than amazing.

What is the AI Yearbook?

A Korean AI app called EPIK can change photos, and AI Yearbook is one of its modes. These are the people who run the SNOW app, which turned our faces into Korean girls a few months ago and made it a hit.

This time, taking Yearbook pictures (American high school yearbooks) has become popular thanks to the EPIK app. Chinese teens like to rent a room with lights and dress like American teens to take Yearbook pictures. This is also a strong trend in Thailand.


  • It's easy to get yearbook pictures that match the latest styles.
  • Without having to pay to rent a studio.
  • The cost of hair and makeup is possibly several thousand baht.
  • In the Sai Fo piece, I saw my own face.
  • Raise the bridge right away without any pain.
  • You can pick from a few different kinds.
  • such as school kids, kids from wealthy families, and school sports.
  • You can also be a hot boy or girl at school.

How to make pictures for your AI yearbook

  • Download the EPIK app, which works on both Android and iOS.
  • Choose the AI Yearbook mode.
  • Put up 8–12 selfies of yourself.
  • The face has to be easy to see, the background has to be clean, and there have to be pictures from a lot of different views.
  • Photos that cover the face with dark glasses, hats, or anything else are not allowed.
  • Neither are full-body nor half-body photos, photos with too many close-ups of the face, group photos, black-and-white or unclear photos, or photos that are the same copy. This person has too much makeup on.
  • It also has child pornography and flashy pictures.
  • You can pick a picture of a guy, a woman, or something else.
  • Put it up and pay for the service. You can pay either 149 baht to wait 24 hours and get 60 pictures or 199 baht to wait 2 hours and get 60 photos.

With AI skin correction, you can make portraits look perfect

Portraits are what photographers love to do, but it can be hard to get the face just right. A little magic is added to the process by the AI skin correction tool in the most recent version of the AI Yearbook APK. It carefully fixes flaws and imperfections so that the skin of your subject looks perfect.

Putting AI to Work with Yearbook APK Tools

Object isolation, the skill of taking things, people, or animals out of their backgrounds, is a common problem in picture editing. This job is easier to do with the latest version of AI Yearbook APK because it has a smart AI cutout tool. It is truly amazing how precisely and accurately it separates elements, which makes the editing process not only quick and easy but also fun.

Easy Removal of Objects

Things you don't want can often get into your shots and take away from the beauty of the scene. If there is an unwelcome visitor, an annoying object, or a flaw, the AI Yearbook APK ensures that they are removed without any problems. You can easily get rid of these distractions with just a few taps, leaving your pictures clean and ready to show what you want to say.

AI filters: letting your creative mind run wild

The AI effects that come with the AI Yearbook APK give you a lot of room to be creative. With just one click, these filters let you tell your story through your pictures, whether you want to give them a classic, old-fashioned look or a burst of modern color.