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Hong Kong Longsin Co., Ltd.
1.0.2441 for Android
Updated On:
May 26, 2023

To enhance the effectiveness of their field training, the S-Nation tribe is seeking new members. Enlisted troops pick up weapons and defeat dangerous enemies once they enlist.

It takes a lot of equipment to upgrade your arsenal of weapons and units, so players will need to collect all of the equipment they can find on the battlefield. If you're ready to engage, dress your army in battle gear and march them onto the platform field.

You can unlock more rewards by exploring Agent BUG more thoroughly. Therefore, you can send your troops on a march to claim war booty while conquering hostile territory. If you have similar skills and strategic planning as other players, you will have a great time playing PvP!

A turn-based battle sequence is used during the battle sequences. You must think several steps ahead every time you or your opponent move to ensure victory. The rewards you receive after the war will be diminished if you don't do this.

About Agent BUG Mod APK

Getting the best battalion deployment requires you to solve puzzles in Agent BUG, a cartoon-style battle game. You must pick your guild and equip it before you can participate in the upcoming battle against your enemies. You can gain reinforcements by drawing a lucky number. However, this game is mainly based on cunning and strategic thinking.

Those who are interested in this puzzle-based war theme might also enjoy Plants vs. Zombies. There is also Kingdom Rush Frontiers, which is a good alternative. In spite of this, Agent BUG offers plenty of ways to upgrade your defense and attack skills, which makes it a strong contender in its own right.


Gear can greatly improve your chances of winning battles if you add it to your initial haul. In addition to winning, you will also receive rewards. The game features entertaining dungeon challenges and air drops to help players out.

Tons of resources for free with 10,000 draws

  • With FREE Draws, you'll get tons of gear and non-stop draw action;

A Legendary Item that kills instantly

  • The best way to clear stages is to get high-level gear and resources;

Upgrade from AFK mode to non-stop mode

  • When you're away, you can get resources by unlocking AFK Mode;

A strategic puzzle game

You can play this game on both iOS and Android devices. A quick entry into turn-based strategic gameplay is the goal of Agent BUG Mod APK, a game released by the creators of the App Store.

Thus, setting up each battle does not take hours, keeping things interesting. The gear you've been awarded with can be found in your chest once downloaded.

Free but worth it

Because in-app purchases help players power up faster, some players may be turned off by the game's mechanics. Although you can build your guild up without purchasing anything, you can still deploy your army without using purchases. You can get a feel for how the game works by recruiting new players.